From the Cottage
From the Cottage
Meditation for Writers: Inviting the Muse

Meditation for Writers: Inviting the Muse

This 5 minute meditation supports Writers as they sit down at their writing desk or creative nook to begin their word smithing craft

Creative work is sacred work, and sometimes it can be tricky to step from mundane living into the realm of "something more", something soul-full and of deep nourishment. For many creatives, spiritual practices and sacred ways of being feel elusive or separate from their creative lives, when in fact, the marrying of other realm essences and tangible making is a natural, perhaps even vital, quality for rich and powerful experiences both for the Maker and those who come upon those works. Giving form to what is untouchable, channeling impulses, wisdom, and medicines from beyond the veil and making them real in the Here and Now is a powerful, beautiful, and very human creature act. Something the world needs more of. Something to foster and cultivate. And so, I hope this audio portion of my substack becomes a touchstone in the lives of our Sacred Creatives. Our writers, our potters, our weavers and spinners, our mark makers, song keepers, somatic dancers, and devotional artists. Watch this space as guided meditations and spirit journeys are added, and dip in as often as you like.

Tucked up in her cottage on the west coast of Canada, Juliette Jarvis lives as a Sacred Living Mentor, Best Selling Author, and Devotional Artist. She draws on 15+ years of hosting community ceremonies and immersion programs to write spiritually supportive works, and create hand woven ritual wear & ceremonial ceramics.

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From the Cottage
From the Cottage
Meditations, Wisdom Sharing, Conversations on Sacred Living, and Storytelling from the cottage of Juliette Jarvis on the west coast of Canada.
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